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Twenty minute consultation donated for each service purchased

our story

Honest Human Resources Consulting LLC  began to empower job seekers, with a sense of truth and transparency in feedback from the gatekeepers of opportunity: recruiters.

who we are

Industry HR professionals with proven coaching and consultative experience dedicated toward walking you through to your next opportunity. We are limitless. We know no boundaries. We pay it forward on a global scale.

what we do

We provide career consulting services as your HR guardian angels. From resumes, cover letters, coaching and relocation services, we are HR professionals in your back pocket.

our customers

Our clients range from professionals looking for a career upgrade to recent college graduates. With goal-oriented services, we strive for inclusivity with our results based approach. We are here for you when you are sick & tired of being sick & tired with making your CEO richer with little return on your career investment.


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Matthew Kirby, MAIOP

Matthew is excited to be the brain child and creator of both Honest Human Resources Consulting LLC and YNG BLK HR (Young Black HR) Podcast. Matthew had very humble beginnings as a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina. He overcame the societal pressures of being raised in a low income, single parent home and was able to defeat several odds to include being the first to graduate in his family from both undergraduate and graduate schools.


In 2012, he successfully obtained his Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with a Spanish Minor at The ILLUSTRIOUS North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. In 2016 he obtained a Masters of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  Matthew is a member of various professional psychology and human resources organizations dedicated to destroying the ceilings of status quo and business as usual to include both the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP).

Matthew began his career in the Washington, DC metro area working in the shredding industry as a Human Resource Assistant, in which he was exposed to various HR disciplines to include talent acquisition, employee relations and compensation & benefits. As time would have it, he moved on to pursue achievement and expertise within the talent management discipline in various industries, including staffing, finance, IT/Tech and nonprofit. Currently, Matthew continues his career in the San Francisco Bay Area and serves as a People & Culture Partner leading all talent acquisition and talent management operations for over 30 programs in his current role.


Matthew demystifies stereotypical perceptions of Human Resources through his conversational, engaging and weekly broadcasts of the YNG BLK HR Podcast. He is on a quest to bridge the gap of understanding between HR and non-HR professionals alike by discussing a series of topics to include: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, toxic workplace culture and knowing your worth BEYOND your base salary. In addition to, he engages working and non-working professionals as a career-focused HR subject matter expert through consulting others on how to take the steps necessary to get closer to your bag. He provides various services to include: resume and cover letter revision, interview prep, negotiation prep, job search assistance and relocation implementation.


None of his professional and entrepreneurial achievements would be possible without the love and support of his family. As a family man, his greatest achievement is building, establishing and leading a collectively successful family that includes his loving wife, Dominique, daughter, Imani and newest addition, Matt IV, son. Matthew prides himself on the ideology of hard work will mean nothing if you have no one to carry the torch after you are long gone. 


Honest Human Resources Consulting believes in the power of giving back and not subscribing to the toxic "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" mindset. For every service purchased, we donate 20 minutes of pro-bono consulting to those who need it most. It is our belief that you don't kick someone when they're down, that instead you could be the very person needed to jump start someone's career.


How do you measure and report the duration of a project?

As far as the reporting, I will send clients a weekly notification once work has begun within the turnaround time(s) outlined in the Services Overview Worksheet sent to the client.

When does partnership begin?

Clients have the flexibility to book services using future dates. The invoice can be

tailored to reflect the tentative schedule date. BEFORE work begins, the invoice must be paid by scheduled date.

Do you complete requested activities by your client and/or seek areas of work and then ask the client prior to completing and invoicing for services?  

If I have to make changes, are you flexible for us to schedule less or more consulting meetings?

All meetings are flexible and may be changed by either client or myself with prior notice. Meetings may either be canceled or rescheduled using calendar invites sent by our consultants and approved by the client.

If I want to make changes to my resume after you've completed it, do you really revise it up to 3 times?

Yes, all resume, cover letter and any other document based services include up to 3 revisions. We believe that these kind of documents are "evolving" and are bound to change just like our clients. 

What is your turnaround Time?

Resumes and Cover Letters are sent to clients for review in 7-10 calendar days, unless otherwise specified.

All work paid for by clients are performed AFTER discussion and prior consent given by client. It is important that all completion of services by Honest Human Resources Consulting LLC are client led in conjunction with prior recommendation(s) by our consultants.


“Matthew Kirby fixing my resume was a huge milestone in my career. Starting out with not much in your resume makes it so difficult to attract the attention of employers. But with my resume revamped it became so eye-catching that I started hearing back from more companies than ever before. I can not thank Matthew Kirby enough for all of his help.”

- Danaya Dews, Film & Directing Student